Remembering Mikey 20 – Just Let the Music Play

Sam Holt Band Presents: Remembering Mikey 20

Just Let the Music Play

Athens, GA — (May 20, 2022) — Sam Holt Band today announced three special shows in August to
celebrate the late Michael Houser, founding lead guitarist for Widespread Panic. August 10, 2022, marks
the 20th anniversary of Michael Houser’s passing. To honor the life and music of Michael Houser, Sam
Holt Band will perform three late-night shows at Smith’s Olde Bar after Widespread Panic at the Fox
Theatre in Atlanta on August 10-12, 2022.

The shows are billed as “Sam Holt Band Presents:
Remembering Mikey 20 – Just Let the Music Play.”

Sam Holt was Houser’s guitar tech during his final years with Widespread Panic. Recently, Sam gave
longtime fans a treat with a rundown on Michael Houser’s iconic guitar rig. After Houser’s passing,
Sam quickly became a fan favorite performing with Widespread Panic many times. In 2002, at Houser’s
insistence, Holt formed the band Outformation. Outformation’s debut album, Tennessee Before
Daylight was produced by Widespread Panic keyboardist JoJo Hermann, who also co-wrote the title
track, for their second album, Traveler’s Rest.

Sam’s latest album, Southern Angels, contains Holt’s most honest and accomplished songs to date. The
album features guest appearances from Widespread Panic’s John Bell and Danny Hutchens of Bloodkin.
The emotional honesty in the lyrics came from experiencing the bittersweet nature of life. Many events
and emotions in the song ‘Southern Angels’ are taken from years on the road experiencing life and death.
“Sam’s got that hypnotic thing. He kinda gets into that trance when he plays, and all my favorite guitar
players have that ability to somewhat become hypnotized themselves. Mikey (Houser) and Junior
Kimbrough – there was a hypnotic thing, and I think Sam has that. It’s a big part of what drew me to him. ”
-JoJo Hermann.
Sam Holt spent the last twenty years carrying on Houser’s legacy, paying homage to his friend and hero
with yearly birthday shows in January and a celebration of life show every August. In 2014, Sam Holt
wanted to make sure that the spirit, music and magic of Houser never were forgotten and created the
band, Remembering Mikey with the current members of the Sam Holt Band.
Sharing the stage with Holt is Adam Grace, keyboardist for Truth & Salvage Co., Ross Parker on bass
and Jeremy Ward on drums. The shows will feature tunes from Houser’s posthumous Sandbox album,
as well as the classic songs Houser penned for Widespread Panic. The Sam Holt Band will also perform
original material that was inspired by and written for the late Michael Houser. Special guests are also
likely to appear.
“I think about Mike every day. Playing these shows is my way to feel close to him. It’s been twenty years
since he passed and I look forward to shining a light on his music, spirit and memory. These will be
special shows.” – Sam Holt
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