Remembering Mikey

The Music, Memory, and Spirit of Michael Houser

Remembering Mikey

Past & Present Musicians

Sam Holt:  (Outformation , Sam Holt Band)  – Lead Guitar, Vocals

Adam Grace: (Truth & Salvage Co.) – Piano, Organ, Keyboards, Vocals

Ross Parker: (Sam Holt Band)- Bass, Vocals

Jeremy Ward: (Sam Holt Band)– Drums, Vocals

Adam Stern: (Sam Holt Band) – Guitar, Pedal Steel, Vocals


Tori Pater – (Dyrty Byrds, Polytoxic) – Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals

Eric Martinez: (Bloodkin, Dyrty Byrds) – Guitar, Vocals

Spanky McCluer: (Sam Holt Band, Dyrty Byrds) – Bass, Vocals

Andy Clapp: (Sam Holt Band, Dyrty Byrds) – Drums

CR Gruver: (New Orleans Suspects, OutformationCR Gruver) – Keys

Chris Field: – Fiddle

Cecil “P-Nut” Daniels: – midi sax

Bud Lucchesi: – drums


Nick Crews: Production Manager


Special Guests may appear at shows.